Daliana sen Evend

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Daliana sen Evend is a descendant of Sulfin Evend. She has walnut hair, golden eyes, and straight, dark brows.

Daliana is described a rebellious and incorrigible in comparison to her siblings and cousins.


Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

As a teen, Daliana's mother presented her to Lysaer before high Etarran society. Lysaer dismissed her potential with contempt.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5922: Daliana has just won a knife throwing wager in the Red Cockerel when Asandir approaches her. He describes Lysaer's expected relapse to the Curse and ask her to stand by him as a voice of conscience, like her ancestor, Sulfin Evend did. She swears to the same oath and receives a spirit mark of arcane protection. He orders her to attend each social function that Lysaer decides to attend.

Third Age 5923: When Arithon recovers his use of Shadow in Taerlin, Daliana observes the effects on Lysaer and intercepts his exit from a social function. She states her role as a Fellowship agent and convinces him to leave with her. Lysaer fails in his attempts to embarrass her out of his personal quarters and reveals his fear of betrayal by women. To keep the Curse at bay, Daliana engages Lysaer in a game of Ten Jack. Her distractions enable Lysaer to last the night without a Curse-driven break. Despite this success, Daliana is ostracized from the court.

Daliana tracks the Light's Hope retinue from Erdane to their lodging at the Red Cockerel. She observes the Light's Hope meeting with a Koriani courier and throws a knife which destroys the courier's warded package, a fetch of Arithon s'Ffalenn. The ensuing backlash sets His Radiance's sleeves on fire and he declares her a minion of Shadow. Daliana allows herself to be taken into custody in hopes of warning Lysaer of the conspiracy. Expecting a swift, secular trial, Daliana is stunned to learn that governance of Etarra has been handed over to the True Sect with Lysaer departed to Tysan. She theorizes that a second fetch was able to trigger the curse when the Light's Hope met with him.

On the day of her trial, Daliana is paraded through Etarra to the magistrate's hall where she spies Raven perched on a spire. In the presence of the Etarran council and Light's Hope, Traithe steps forward under the name of Trey to act as her advocate. A parade of friends and strangers including her friend, Hattsey, testify that she used witchcraft. Later, a Red Cockerel drudge enters the trial disguised as the magistrate's wife, a ploy by Traithe to highlight the uncertainty of eyewitnesses. As the crowd's patience wanes, Dakar plays the role of a drunken fool to disrupt the trial. The Light's Hope sentences him to death alongside Traithe and Daliana.

When Lysaer, ablaze in a corona of light, arrives with a temple diviner and threatens the outcome of the trial, the Light's Hope reaches under his robe for another Koriani bane ward. He is interrupted by Traithe and the Etarran populace is able to see the fetch, revealing the True Sect conspiracy to use Lysaer as a curse-driven figurehead. Lysaer orders the diviner to sentence the Light's Hope to death by sword and fire under Canon Law and evicts the True Sect from Etarra.

Daliana awakens in Lysaer's bed during an argument between Lysaer and Dakar. Dakar questions Lysaer's decision to raise arms against the True Sect. Lysaer quickly departs upon her recovery, although Dakar refuses to explain her similarity to Lady Talith. Dakar reveals that there were three Koriani fetches. When questioned, he admits that he does not know which half-brother he would protect in a conflict.

Daliana rides with Lysaer, who cannot be dissuaded from challenging the True Sect head on. When Dakar has an absolute prophecy he cannot recall, he asks Daliana to make sure that he stays mounted no matter what happens. The pair catch up to Lysaer at a tavern on Mathorn Road where the prince is surrounded by an angry mob who plan to burn people affected by the planet's shift in resonance. Dakar and Daliana are able to steer Lysaer away from the curse and visit the condemned in the tavern's cellar. While Dakar heals them, Daliana and Lysaer run menial errands. Lysaer refuses Dakar's offer of a basic ward of protection and slips away, leaving the other two trapped in the cellar on his orders.

Still trapped three days later, Dakar spiritwalks and draws the notice of Seshkrozchiel. The drake lands on the roof, intent on destroying the tavern. Davien reveals that Sethvir has cast strands and found that Lysaer's case is hopeless. He offers the option to step into Seshkrozchiel's true dreaming in hopes that they will end up in a place aligned with their true desires. Daliana accepts immediately. Her passage allows her to catch up to Lysaer at a wayside inn.

Daliana convinces Lysaer to talk as they travel. He reveals his regrets about Lady Talith and describes the construction of Avenor. He reveals that he accepted the curse wholeheartedly to avoid the infamy of the lives lost at Dier Kenton Vale. When asked about his plans to confront the True Sect, he admits that he has not thought through a tactic other than to start burning their temples with Light. After a fortnight's delay due to weather in Narms, Lysaer chooses to travel south by land instead of crossing the Instrell Bay.

When the curse strikes in Morvain, Daliana barely gets Lysaer into the Gull and Anchor tavern and out of the public eye. She offers herself as a strategy to blunt the curse, but the Koriathain activate another fetch before she can proceed. Lysaer fully succumbs to the curse and attacks her with Light. Daliana survives due to Asandir's ward of protection, and Lysaer leaves to rejoin the cause of the True Sect. Kharadmon helps Daliana escape the burning tavern and escorts her to Traithe's home in the city. Daliana refuses to believe that Lysaer's cause is hopeless, and opts to pursue him into Havish.

Daliana disguises herself as a squire and stays in close proximity to Lysaer. When High King Gestry's defensive magecraft knocks the prince unconscious, she binds him with the intent to pull him away. Dakar and Khadrien arrive with the same plan in mind and Daliana reveals the existence of more Koriani fetches.