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After learning of additional fetches from [[Daliana]], [[Dakar]] prepares [[magecraft]] to thwart Selidie Prime. When the [[Koriathain]] engage a fetch, [[Dakar]] takes the opportunity to destroy anything in Selidie's position that ties to [[Lysaer]] or [[Arithon]]. After [[Arithon]] reclaims [[Alithiel]] and nullifies the ring of spells at [[Havish]]'s border, Selidie decides to activate an alternative plan involving [[Vivet]] instead.
===Destiny's Conflict===
''[[Third Age]] 5923'': In the summer, Selidie and her [[Senior Circle]] plan for an overland trip to [[Daon Ramon Barrens]] to be closer to the [[True Sect]]'s assault on [[clansmen]]. Her plot gifts a spelled crossbow bolt to [[The Hatchet]] to reveal [[Lysaer]]'s mortality, but the prince's exact location (and [[Daliana]]'s) cannot be scryed.

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