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Cosach s'Valerient

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Destiny's Conflict
[[Tarens]] travels ahead up [[Tiendarion]] and encounters [[Arithon]] capturing [[iyats]] with Shadow and song. Cosach follows and challenges the prince to help defend [[Rathain]]'s clans from [[The Hatchet]]'s invasion force. [[Dakar]]'s arrival triggers a memory of [[Arithon]]'s capture by the [[Koriathain]] in [[Third Age]] 5674.
[[Cosach]] knocks [[Arithon]] unconscious, realizing that leaving him behind in [[Havish]] will allow the [[Fellowship]] to intercede in [[Rathain]]'s defenses. He returns to [[Halwythwood]] to defend against [[The Hatchet]] without [[Tarens]].

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