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====VI. Culprit (pg. 201 - 207)====
====VI. Culprit (pg. 205 - 207)====
* [[Backwater]]
* [[Silvermarsh]]
* [[Daenfal]]
* [[Athili]]
* [[Thunder Ridge]] / [[Tiendarion]]
* [[Thunder Ridge]] / [[Tiendarion]]
* [[iyats]]
* [[iyats]]

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My current approach for populating the Wiki is to go through the books one chapter at a time to sequentially add plot points and bits of trivia. So far, I have completed the first nine books (through Initiate's Trial) and all 6 short stories. I started adding Destiny's Conflict in November 2019 and hope to be done by the time Song of the Mysteries is released.

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VI. Culprit (pg. 205 - 207)

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  • Initiate's Trial - Chapter XII. Lysaer gets his collarbone set in Morvain. However, he is on Mathorn Road, passes the coach to Narms, and sees the Mathorn Mountains to the north.
  • Initiate's Trial - Glossary: Entry for Erdane and Westlands shows rebellion in 5015 not 5018.