Arithon - Role in the Story (Destiny's Conflict)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Third Age 5923: In the summer, Arithon crosses back into Havish through the Storlain Mountains, drawn to Elaira's signature at the hut where she lived as a Koriani oath breaker for over two and a half centuries. He comes across Vivet being forced by a trapper, although the scene does not raise Alithiel's wards. Vivet flees after stabbing the trapper, and the man dies before he can reveal anything to Arithon. He tracks Vivet, calms her down, and escorts her to Elaira's abandoned hut. Vivet reveals that she was waylaid while returning home. Arithon finds a sliver of crystal in the hut that reveals partial truths about Elaira's ties to the Koriathain and her role in his betrayal. In fury, he leaves the hut to set snares and bury the trapper.

Upon his return, Vivet explains that she was returning to her ill mother in the Ettinmere Settlement. Arithon offers to escort her home, believing that that Ettinmere might be remote enough to hide and heal himself. He again refers to himself as Arin. Overnight, Vivet attempts to seduce Arithon using a potent aphrodisiac. Arithon barely evades her false affections but still chooses to help her get home. After a month of recovery, the pair travel to Ettinmere. Arithon is blindfolded and escorted by Ettinmen while Vivet petitions the elders on his behalf. Arithon first learns of Vivet's pregnancy while in captivity, and reluctantly agrees to claim child-rights of the child until puberty. He swears the oath before Roaco and the other shamans, not realizing that acceptance of child-rights also includes a nuptial celebration.

After proving his worth as a provider, Arithon is summoned before the circle of council elders over his lack of conjugal service. Because Vivet's unhappiness drew iyats to the settlement, Roaco and the circle of elders demands restitution for time lost. Arithon refuses, citing his ability to banish iyats on his own and whistles the threnody for banishing fiends. Afterwards, Tanuay deliver the council's sentence: a month of labor in the shamans' compound. Madraega orders him to muck the mews, and he takes the opportunity to disrupt the coerced bird sentries with a whistled tune. He stages a fall to avoid revealing his initiate mastery to a chastising shaman and is reassigned to the warehouse. While taking note of the enchantments stored there, he recalls his past inventory of the armory at Alestron and Dakar's many double-crosses. Before he can cause more mischief, a shaman orders him to forage for healing stock in the forest.

Arithon uses shadow to disrupt the shamans' control of a buzzard in order to regain his privacy. This triggers a vision showing the impact of the use of shadow on Lysaer's sanity in Erdane, with farsight revealing that Lysaer's ravings will ultimately lead to the extermination of the clans in Halwythwood. The vision shows Asandir traveling to North Gate, Laithen and Siantra murdered, and Tarens exhorting Esfand to rally survivors. He learns that that invasion has not yet occurred, since the vision was sent as a warning through time by Siantra. To avoid revealing his initiate mastery to the shamans, he decides to sing instead.

Arithon returns just before the shamans' deadline laden with supplies. He is met by Roaco and many of the Ettinmen. Sentenced to death for threatening the integrity of the settlement's borders, Arithon uses iyats to survive a rain of arrows and break Roaco's wand. He demands a restoration of his freedom of movement by threatening to make the shamans look weak before the chaos of a thousand more iyats. Roaco agrees and departs, leaving the rest of the Ettinfolk unaware of the reason for Arithon's survival.

After convincing Vivet's brothers to stand down on their threat to disown her, Arithon finally consents to staying in Vivet's cottage. He continues to avoid her enthralled affections and slips away in the night to play a lyranthe for the Ettinfolk. His musical talent convinces Vivet's granddame to speak on his behalf. Tanuay gives him the gift of warm boots and mittens and warns him that Roaco's powers guard an ancient secret. While trapping in the mountains, Arithon discovers multiple enchantments on his sleigh and clothes designed to spy on his actions.

Third Age 5924: By custom, Arithon is evicted from Vivet's shack and hazed by male family members as the birth approaches. Roaco attacks while Arithon is distracted by Vivet's unnatural charms. The shaman tries to reveal Arithon's true Name through his past experience in the King's Glade. Through Arithon's royal signet, Elaira challenges Roaco anonymously. Her bluff succeeds in forcing the shamans to proceed more cautiously. Arithon regains consciousness hours later after the birth of Vivet's son, unaware of Elaira's intervention. He names the child Valien.

Cosach, Tarens, and Dakar encounter Arithon atop Tiendarion, capturing iyats with Shadow and song. Dakar's arrival triggers a memory of Arithon's capture at Caith-al-Caen by Eriegal and the Koriathain in Third Age 5674. Because of the oath sworn over Rathain's crown at Athir in Third Age 5671, Dakar provided the Koriathain with Arithon's granted permissions and allowed them to take him into custody.

Cosach knocks Arithon unconscious, realizing that leaving him behind in Havish will allow the Fellowship to intercede in Rathain's defenses. Arithon awakens with a note from Dakar pointing him towards Sanpashir Desert.

In spite of his earlier refusal to assist, Arithon travels to Daon Ramon Barrens just as Cosach's war band is ambushed. Cosach is struck by arrows spell-turned by the Koriathain. Arithon's use of Shadow and a storm of iyats provides Dakar with the space to see Cosach's war band to safety. Arithon suggests that Kharadmon's earlier censure was actually for Dakar's benefit and that Cosach had not forsaken his obligation to defend the mysteries.

Cosach questions the value of upholding the mysteries, prompting Arithon to reveal a conversation he once had with Sethvir. Sethvir stated that the limitations imposed by the Compact might one day lead humankind to a heightened experience, where they could cohabitate with the Paravians and tap the flux directly. As proof, Arithon shares his experience in the presence of a living Paravian and reveals the contents of Ciladis' appeal to the clans when the Compact was formed. Before dying, Cosach reveals that Arithon once hid an artifact of his past in the Cascain Islands. Arithon expresses his intent to challenge the Koriathain on their own turf.