Arithon - Role in the Story (Grand Conspiracy)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Grand Conspiracy.

Third Age 5653: When Lirenda attempts to scry for Arithon's allies, the presence of her spell crystal connects her to Arithon himself. At sea and far from Paravia, Arithon grants her the elemental knowledge needed to reclaim control of her spell crystal.

Third Age 5654: Parrien meets with Arithon in the Sanpashir ruins. Arithon is physically frail from grief, and plays his lyranthe to stave of guilt-induced nightmares. He uses the Sanpashir ruins as a staging ground for clan recruits in his search for the Paravians. Parrien reveals Mearn and Cattrick's plot to destroy the Riverton shipyards, which Arithon does not sanction because of its effect on innocents and the potential for explosive retribution. Arithon attacks Parrien empty-handed. Subdued by Parrien's mercenaries, Arithon challenges Parrien to break his leg before being force-fed wine. Arithon awakens aboard the Khetienn with his leg broken and Vhandon and Talvish enlisted to his service. His three ships have sailed away on Dakar's orders to prevent Arithon from intervening in Riverton. Arithon learns of the outcome of the s'Brydion plan from Sethvir's scrying. He realizes that Lysaer's plans have been defanged and he now has the freedom to search for the Paravians unmolested. Over the coming twelve years, Arithon travels the seas in search of the Paravians, with occasion supply drops on Paravia arranged through Fiark and Feylind.

Third Age 5669: Arithon has completed 17 voyages without any sign of the Paravians. While on an uncharted island, Dakar's nap is interrupted by a forced fit of prescience brought on by Morriel, depicting Fionn Areth's execution. His unconscious ravings reveal the vision to Arithon who plans to return to Paravia immediately, in spite of his awareness that a Koriani plot is underway. When Vhandon and Talvish question the Mistwraith's influence in the decision, Arithon argues for his free will and integrity, pledging not to resist any attempt to stop him. They arrive at the ruins at Sanpashir on the eve of Winter Solstice. Dakar provides the runes and ciphers that would allow Arithon to lane transfer to Jaelot, certain that the act will be prevented by Sethvir. However, Sethvir cannot act because of Morriel's attack on Athera, and Arithon is able to unlock the lane force through his music. Arithon and Dakar transfer to Jaelot at midnight on the Winter Solstice, leaving behind Elshian's lyranthe in the ruins.

Through subterfuge, Arithon and Dakar leave the palace and learn from a servant that the town executioner has quit his post. Later, Arithon collapses the Koriani wards and fills in for the town executioner, dressed all in black. He draws Alithiel in defense of Fionn Areth and amplifies the effects of the defense wards using his voice. He and Fionn Areth flee through the city, evading guardsmen and the Koriathain with subterfuge.

Third Age 5670: They attempt to rejoin Dakar at the jam seller's but are deterred by more sorceresses outside. Tracked and corralled through the city by the Koriani, the pair are offered sanctuary by Jasque, who brings them into the house of The Lady, where Koriani scrying cannot see them. After tending to Fionn Areth's surface wounds, Arithon asks The Lady to keep the boy safe for a few hours. She gives Arithon a wakened quartz sphere to protect him during his errands. He purchases supplies from Beckburn Market and finds Dakar at the Tin Flagon and Flask. With guardsmen incoming, he arranges for Dakar to be sent to Meliane's brothel. Dakar reveals that he collapsed from a fit of prescience foretelling something guaranteed to pass. He warns Arithon against escaping by way of lane transfer, worried that any attempt to assist with grand conjury might be overtaken by his gift of prescience. Arithon asks him to requisition supplies and meet outside the walls at midnight and then returns to The Lady's for a quick nap. When Fionn Areth awakens, Arithon agrees to allow him to a challenge of arms after their escape. He uses his Masterbard talent to refire Elaira's seals to heal Fionn Areth's knee, and Elaira rejoins him in spirit for the conjury.

Cornered by Lirenda while escaping Jaelot, Arithon uses Shadow to briefly interrupt her access to her spell crystal. However, he is blindsided by Elaira's presence at the final gate. Unwilling to let Elaira break her vows of obedience, Arithon kisses Lirenda in a ploy to make her complicit in the escape. He is able to escape the city with Fionn Areth.