Dakar - Role in the Story (Grand Conspiracy)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Grand Conspiracy.

Third Age 5654: Dakar is at the Fat Pigeon Inn in Southshire collecting messages for Arithon's spy network when he encounters an Alliance crown examiner. After three days spent shielding his mage talent, he is rescued by Parrien s'Brydion and taken to rejoin Arithon at the Sanpashir ruins. When Parrien returns with Arithon subdued, Dakar tells Parrien that breaking the prince's leg is the only way to avoid a potential incursion of the Mistwraith's curse. He orders Arithon's ships to depart immediately, preventing Arithon from intervening in the s'Brydion plot in Riverton. After his prescience shows Alestron under siege, Dakar sends a distress cipher to Sethvir and requests a scrying of the unfolding events set in motion by Mearn and Parrien. When asked by Dakar, Sethvir theorizes that the defanging of Lysaer's plans might grant Arithon 15 years to seek the Paravians unmolested.

Third Age 5669: The Khetienn makes landfall on an uncharted island in the Cildein Ocean to restock. Dakar's nap is interrupted by a forced fit of prescience brought on by Morriel, depicting Fionn Areth's execution. His unconscious ravings reveal the vision to Arithon who plans to return to Paravia immediately, in spite of his awareness that a Koriani plot is underway. Dakar tries, but fails, to convince Vhandon and Talvish to stop Arithon. They arrive at the ruins at Sanpashir on the eve of Winter Solstice. Dakar provides the runes and ciphers that would allow Arithon to lane transfer to Jaelot, certain that the act will be prevented by Sethvir. However, Sethvir cannot act because of Morriel's attack on Athera, and Dakar and Arithon transfer to Jaelot at midnight on Winter Solstice. Through subterfuge, Arithon and Dakar leave the palace and learn from a servant that the town executioner has quit his post rather than execute Fionn Areth. During the execution, Dakar waits at the jam seller's but is forced to relocate when Koriani sorceresses arrive.

Third Age 5670: Later, Arithon arranges for Dakar to be moved from the Tin Flagon and Flask tavern to Meliane's brothel. Dakar reveals that he collapsed from a fit of prescience foretelling something guaranteed to pass. He warns Arithon against escaping by way of lane transfer, worried that any attempt to assist with grand conjury might be overtaken by his gift of prescience. Arithon asks him to requisition supplies and meet outside the walls at midnight. After recovering through an hour with Casley, Dakar forges a write to requisition supplies and bring them outside of the city gates.