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This page contains instructions on using custom templates created specifically for the Paravia Wiki.


Short quotes for the purposes of illustration are allowed by copyright law, as long as credit is given. To cite a source, the <ref /> tag can be used, with all citations placed in a <references> tag at the bottom of a page:

''"This quote about Arithon was spoken in Curse of the Mistwraith."''<ref name="cotm-arithon" />
Janny Wurts posted about tienelle.<ref name="chat-tienelle" />
Something about lanes from the Author's FAQ.<ref name="faq-lanes" />

<ref name="cotm-arithon">&copy; Janny Wurts, <u>[[Curse of the Mistwraith]]</u>, p. 237 (US-Hardback)</ref>
<ref name="chat-tienelle">[ Chat Area Post], February 20, 2006</ref>
<ref name="faq-lanes">[ Author's FAQ]</ref>

will result in the following text:

"This quote about Arithon was spoken in Curse of the Mistwraith."[1]

Janny Wurts posted about tienelle.[2]

Something about lanes from the Author's FAQ.[3]


  1. © Janny Wurts, Curse of the Mistwraith, p. 237 (US-Hardback)
  2. Chat Area Post, February 20, 2006
  3. Author's FAQ

A good convention to follow when naming your <ref> tag is "whatIsTheSource-whatIsGettingCited".

Interactive Map Links

To provide a link to the Interactive Map of Paravia, use the Map template:

{{Map|TysanNortheast.html|Pass of Orlan}}

will result in the following text:

Pass of Orlan on the Interactive Map

The middle value is the HTML page of the Interactive Map containing the location, and the last value is the title. You do not need to supply the entire web address of the Interactive Map -- the template will take care of that for you. Simply remove the prefix, "", and use whatever is left on the end. This will allow all the links to be quickly updated, should the map ever move.

Quote Box

To separate some text with italics and a box (possibly a long quotation), the Box template can be used:


will result in the following text:


Please make sure you cite quotations of copyrighted material.


Before posting information from books which some readers may not have read yet, a spoiler warning should be provided. The Spoiler template can be used:

{{Spoiler|[[Traitor's Knot]]}}

will result in the following text:

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Traitor's Knot.

For an entry which may have information from multiple books, the text "multiple books in the series" can be put in the Spoiler tag. Each paragraph following the tag should begin with the specific book being spoiled.