Lysaer - Role in the Story (Destiny's Conflict)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Third Age 5923: Lysaer awakens in Dakar's custody. When a foolish challenge triggers the curse, he is knocked unconscious again by an unseen figure. Later, he awakens to find his bindings removed by Daliana, who pledges again not to abandon him. Lysaer departs, unable to reconcile the shame of his past handling of Talith and Ellaine and the fear that harm might come to Daliana as well.

By summer, Lysaer taken residence in East Bransing. He crosses paths with Dace Marley and gives him a position in his mansion. A servant's quarrel interrupts a meeting between Lysaer and a True Sect informant, where the prince learns that the True Sect is authorizing a new purge of talent in Tysan followed by a campaign in Rathain. That evening, Lysaer receives a warning of treachery sent anonymously by Dace Marley. He replies with a coin and instructions to rent a room at the Galley-men's Rest. Lysaer arrives at his reserved room to find Dace being interrogated by a cabal of True Sect diviners. As a reward for the warning, Lysaer grants Dace the position of personal valet.

Lysaer requisitions one of the True Sect's supply galleys to leave East Bransing. There is no trace of the prince when The Hatchet overtakes and boards the galley. He and Dace take a fishing lugger the rest of the way around the northern coast, arriving in Miralt Head. It is revealed that Sulfin Evend was once poisoned by Sunwheel priests and condemned to death. Lysaer evacuated his friend by boat from Miralt to the safety of Etarra in Third Age 5683 (the Great Schism).

Lysaer begins frequenting practice halls in anonymity, exhibiting raw, unpolished swordsmanship to infiltrate the locals. He sends correspondence to his network of informants and gradually demonstrates more talent in the practice halls. By mid-summer, he secretly reveals his identity to a select few. Dace demonstrates his loyalty in the face of Lysaer's plans to confront the High Temple of the Light at Erdane, and receives permission from Lysaer to purchase two horses.

Lysaer uses the threat of immolation to requisition an army from the True Sect temple in Miralt. He marches them southward and confronts The Hatchet's men outside of Erdane. Prepared to defend against arrows, Lysaer is surprised by a spell-turned Koriani crossbow bolt fired by The Hatchet. Struck in the right eye, Lysaer is initially denied the services of a healer as a True Sect test of his immortality. Because of Dace's bravery in protecting Lysaer, The Hatchet crosses the priests' wishes and provides a surgeon and litter-bearers. Lysaer is installed in the High Temple of the Light for recovery under Dace's care.

It is revealed that Davien had altered Asandir's original mark of protection on Daliana. While transforming her into Dace Marley, Davien added quadrangle runes of chaos to protect both servant and master. These runes prevent Selidie from further magecraft against Lysaer while Dace remains in proximity.

Lysaer has a fit of insanity when Arithon uses shadow at the Ettinmere Settlement. To avoid interrogation by the High Examiner, Dace stages a fire in Lysaer's room. Dace continues to monitor Lysaer's convalescence into the winter.

Third Age 5924: Dace returns from fetching linens to find Lysaer being probed for Arithon's location under the orders of the Light's Priest Supreme and Exalted Examiner. Dace interrupts the proceedings and tends to Lysaer in the aftermath.

Meanwhile at Kewar Tunnel, Elaira learns that Arithon and Lysaer share a connection to the Lassiver lineage of the Biedar tribe through their s'Ahelas ancestry. This connection explains why Lysaer was able to use the flint knife's powers.

Third Age 5925: Lysaer feels the moment that Arithon returns to the continent from Los Lier. This information mobilizes the True Sect to Daenfal.

[Dace]] races to Lysaer's side after Arithon is executed in Daenfal. He finds Lysaer free of the curse and aware of the reprehensible acts in his past. Dace convinces Lysaer that the right course is to take down the True Sect, but not without a plan.