Mayor of Isaer

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This page refers to the specific Mayor of Isaer who presided during the events in Ships of Merior and Alliance of Light. He is never referred to by name.

The Mayor of Isaer is one of several Tysan mayors who are initially against the restoration of crown rule in Avenor during Ships of Merior.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.
  • When Lysaer's retinue passes the city of Isaer on the Great West Road, the mayor has a team of headhunters sent to arrest or kill him. In a twist of tricks and diplomacy, Lysaer turns the encounter to his advantage, forcing the mayor to host a state visit instead. Although Lysaer refuses to advocate violence against the clans of Tysan, he eventually wins the Mayor's support for his restoration efforts.
  • The Mayor of Isaer attends the foundational meeting of the Alliance of Light in Third Age 5647. It's revealed that he would have been present at the execution of Lady Maenalle and heard her final declaration about Lysaer's curse. However, when a clansman interrupts this meeting with the same declaration, he does not speak up.