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Roaco is the senior shaman in the Ettinmere Settlement. He is shriveled, thin, and unkempt, with black eyes and a shaved head crusted in clay. He wears a cape depicting a mountain raptor and holds a slender black wand with feathers.

Roaco travels through Ettinmere in a lacquered sedan chair carried by four masked attendants.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Third Age 5923: When Vivet returns to the Ettinmere Settlement, Roaco divines that her child will be male and born in the spring. He presides over the other shamans as Arithon swears an oath over Vivet's child.

Because Vivet's unhappiness draws iyats to the settlement, Roaco and the council elders demand restitution for time lost. Arithon refuses, citing his ability to banish iyats on his own and whistles the threnody for banishing fiends. Roaco realizes that he has underestimated Arithon's power. As punishment, Arithon is sentenced to a month of labor within the shamans' compound. When Arithon's help becomes too disruptive to the compound, he is instead ordered to forage for healing stock in the forest, watched by one of the shaman's buzzards. He evades the buzzards and sentries through use of his Masterbard gifts.

Arithon returns just before the shamans' deadline laden with supplies. He is met by Roaco and many of the Ettinmen. Sentenced to death for threatening the integrity of the settlement's borders, Arithon uses iyats to survive a rain of arrows and break Roaco's wand. He demands a restoration of his freedom of movement by threatening to make the shamans look weak before the chaos of a thousand more iyats. Roaco agrees and departs, leaving the rest of the Ettinfolk unaware of the reason for Arithon's survival.

Third Age 5924: Arithon is dstracted by Vivet's unnatural charms during labor, allowing Roaco to attack. The shaman tries to reveal Arithon's true Name through his past experience in the King's Glade. Through Arithon's royal signet, Elaira challenges Roaco anonymously. Her bluff succeeds in forcing the shamans to proceed more cautiously. Arithon regains consciousness hours later after the birth of Vivet's son, unaware of Elaira's intervention.

Third Age 5925: Roaco and the shamans trap Arithon when he returns to confront them. The shamans are stripped of their mage talent when Arithon awakens with the support of Ath's Adepts. A circle of twelve adepts rejoins the hostel to the prime vibration as he flees.