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Arithon - Role in the Story (Destiny's Conflict)

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''[[Third Age]] 5923'': In the summer, [[Arithon]] crosses back into [[Havish]] through the [[Storlain Mountains]], drawn to [[Elaira]]'s signature at the hut where she lived as a [[Koriani]] oath breaker for over two and a half centuries. He comes across [[Vivet]] being forced by a trapper, although the scene does not raise [[Alithiel]]'s wards. [[Vivet]] flees after stabbing the trapper, and the man dies before he can reveal anything to [[Arithon]]. He tracks [[Vivet]], calms her down, and escorts her to [[Elaira]]'s abandoned hut. [[Vivet]] reveals that she was waylaid while returning home. [[Arithon]] finds a sliver of crystal in the hut that reveals partial truths about [[Elaira]]'s ties to the [[Koriathain]] and her role in his betrayal. In fury, he leaves the hut to set snares and bury the trapper.
Upon his return, [[Vivet]] explains that she was returning to her ill mother in the [[Ettinmere Settlement]]. [[Arithon]] offers to escort her home, believing that that [[Ettinmere]] might be remote enough to hide and heal himself. He again refers to himself as [[Arin]]. Overnight, [[Vivet]] attempts to seduce [[Arithon]] using a potent aphrodisiac. [[Arithon]] barely evades her false affections but still chooses to help her get home. After a month of recovery, the pair travel to [[Ettinmere]]. [[Arithon]] is blindfolded and escorted by [[Ettinmen]] while [[Vivet]] petitions the elders on his behalf. Arithon first learns of [[Vivet]]'s pregnancy while in captivity, and reluctantly agrees to claim child-rights of the child until puberty. He swears the oath before [[Roaco]] and the other shamans, not realizing that acceptance of child-rights also includes a nuptial celebration.

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