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Kathtairr is a landmass in the southern ocean on [[Athera]], across the world from the continent of [[Paravia]]. The land is described as empty and lifeless, with endless vistas of ochre and gray, and poisoned, alkaline rivers. It was scorched by [[CathudokarrCathukodarr]]'s drakefire long before [[Ath Creator]] sent the [[Paravians]] to [[Athera]].<ref name="fp-land" /> Nothing has grown here since the [[Age of Dragons]].
According to the author, what happened on Kathtairr was an extreme event and the "reason" underpinning the first dreaming of the [[drakes]] that generated the response of the [[Paravian]] arrival as [[Ath]]'s gift. There are sections of the planet still "wounded" and this area is one of them, and there is a reason why it cannot be healed.

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