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Tanuay Daldari is one of the three brothers of Vivet Daldari in the Ettinmere Settlement. He has grey eyes, flaxen hair, freckles, and gaunt cheek bones.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Third Age 5923: Following the nuptials between Arithon and Vivet, Tanuay and his brothers summon Arithon before the council over a lack of conjugal service. Because Vivet's unhappiness drew iyats to the settlement, Roaco and the circle of council elders demands restitution for time lost. Arithon refuses, citing his ability to banish iyats on his own and whistles the threnody for banishing fiends. Afterwards, Tanuay deliver the council's sentence: a month of labor in the shamans' compound.

Tanuay fails to convince Vivet of Arithon's abandonment after he is sent away to forage for healing stock. When Arithon returns, he convinces Vivet's brothers to stand down on their threat to disown her. Arithon performs on a lyranthe for the Ettinfolk and his musical talent convinces Vivet's granddame to speak on his behalf. Tanuay gives him the gift of warm boots and mittens and warns him that Roaco's powers guard an ancient secret.

Third Age 5924: During Arithon's absence, Tanuay brings supplies for Vivet and repairs her home.

Third Age 5925: After Arithon is sentenced by the shamans for unlawful desertion, Tanuay tries to convince Vivet to consider Herthov's suit and avoid a life of menial labor. Vivet refuses with unkind words about the man.