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Because of the unfortunate prevalence of automated bots that have spammed the Wiki in the past, I manually create all new accounts. Please send me an email at brian at with:

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Brian Uri!


I am the Wiki administrator and have been its primary contributor since its inception in March 2007. By day, I'm a 38-year-old software engineer in northern Virginia, USA.

My current approach for populating the Wiki is to go through the books one chapter at a time to add every plot point and bit of trivia. So far, I have completed the first six books (through Peril's Gate), including the glossaries. Real life occasionally intervenes (like the birth of my daughter in the summer of 2017), but I have not abandoned the task!


Work in Progress

Traitor's Knot, Chapter by Chapter

pg. 412 - 413

pg. 415 - 422

Pending Contributions

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Pending Questions for Janny

  • Marriage dates for the s'Brydion brothers