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I'm a 37-year-old software engineer in northern Virginia, USA. I am the Wiki administrator and have been its primary contributor since its inception in March 2007. I'm currently going through the books one chapter at a time to add every plot point and description, and have completed Curse of the Mistwraith, Ships of Merior, Warhost of Vastmark, Fugitive Prince, and Grand Conspiracy (including the glossaries). Real life occasionally intervenes, but I have not abandoned the task!


Work in Progress

Peril's Gate, Chapter by Chapter

pg. 424 - 436

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Pending Questions and Possible Typos for Janny

  • Which Companion killed Diegan at Dier Kenton Vale?
  • In this post, the watercolor date is Third Age 5918, but it burned down before the story. What is the correct date?
  • Fugitive Prince, US Hardcopy, pg. 502 "Middleton" should be "Middlecross".
  • Overlap between High Priest of the Light (Cerebeld) and Lord High Examiner (Vorrice/Cerebeld).
  • Grand Conspiracy, US Hardcopy, pg. 139 Parrien is next oldest to Duke, but in SoM, he is middle child.
  • Grand Conspiracy, US Hardcopy, pg. 269 Earle defense not triggered since "the hour of Mistwraith's confinement". Did the Fellowship use this keep somehow during CotM?
  • Overlap in Ages? Earlier books say: First Age 827 was arrival of Fellowship, 902 Cianor Sunlord appointed Keeper of Records, Second Age 1 Fellowship granted redemption from Cianor. Glossary in Grand Conspiracy says: Second Age 1 Fellowship arrive and receive redemption from Cianor.

Previously Asked Questions of Janny (as of 2010-09-22)

  • FAQ says "When exactly did the Fellowship exile people through South Gate? Exile through South Gate, for those who chose to pursue the Compact's forbidden technologies, would have happened after creation of the Mistwraith." However, Asandir tells the s'Brydion clan that men exiled through the South Gate caused the Mistwraith. Which is correct?
  • In Ships of Merior, when Arithon speaks with Erlien s'Taleyn's clan elders in Selkwood, "clan chiefs from Atwood in East Halla" were present. Why would Melhalla's clansmen come to Shand for this meeting?
  • Spelling: Racinne Pasy vs. Rasinne Pasy
  • Ships of Merior, "Convergence" triplet: "Valenford River" should be "River Valendale"? The town on River Valendale is Valenford.
  • What is the name of the river that East Bransing is built on?
  • Is there a map showing the free wilds locations in each principality?
  • What is the text of the Caithdein's oath?