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Vivet Daldari is an initiate of the Koriathain. She has blue eyes, red-gold hair, and a heart-shaped face.


Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Vivet left Ettinmere for Deal, in order to learn how to read and write.

She has three brothers (one named Tanuay) and two married sisters. Her father is deceased and her mother can read palms.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: Vivet is sequestered in Deal when Arithon is on the run on Lanshire. She receives instructions and an imprinted crystal from Selidie Prime through the Koriathain's secretive carrier pigeon network. After Arithon escapes from Havish unscathed, Selidie begins her alternative plan involving Vivet.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: While searching the Storlain Mountains for clues about Elaira, Arithon comes across Vivet being forced by a trapper. She flees after stabbing the trapper, and the man dies before he can reveal anything to Arithon. Arithon tracks her, calms her down, and escorts her to Elaira's abandoned hut. Vivet reveals that she was waylaid on her way to her ill mother in the Ettinmere Settlement. Arithon offers to escort her home and introduces himself as Arin. Overnight, Vivet attempts to seduce Arithon using a potent aphrodisiac. Arithon barely evades her false affections but still agrees to help her get home.

While observing Arithon and Vivet from Althain Tower, Kharadmon notes that Vivet is pregnant with the child of the dead trapper. After a month of recovery, the pair travel to Ettinmere. Arithon is blindfolded and escorted by Ettinmen while Vivet petitions the elders on his behalf. She falsely informs the elders that her child is Arithon's. Arithon reluctantly agrees to claim child-rights of the child until puberty, not realizing that this entails a nuptial celebration.

Tanuay fails to convince Vivet of Arithon's abandonment after he is sent away to forage for healing stock. When Arithon returns, he convinces Vivet's brothers to stand down on their threat to disown her. He finally consents to staying in Vivet's cottage but continues to avoid her enthralled affections. Arithon slips away in the night to play a lyranthe for the Ettinfolk.

Third Age 5924: By custom, Arithon is evicted from Vivet's shack and hazed by male family members as childbirth approaches. Vivet's pleasure at seeing Arithon during labor distracts him, granting Roaco the opportunity to attack. Arithon regains consciousness hours later after the birth of Vivet's son, whom he names Valien.

From Daon Ramon Barrens, Selidie oversees a ritual that amplifies Vivet's longings for Arithon.